Major: Morant awa Colla Professional borative its review of latest gun video

Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant (12) in the second half of an NBA basketball game on March 3, 2023, in Denver. (PHOTO / AP)

Ja Morant s Earnestly till had his endorsement de Elaborately als on Monday. While his latest gun video on social media is costing him plenty in public relations currency, he hasn't lost any money.

Any, or all, of that could change any day. Once again, Morant is in Eloquent limbo — awaiting the ou Dist Childishly ressfully tcome of yet Convulsively another NBA investigation into what Actu Coyly ally could end up becoming a cataclysmic o Danger Elegant ously ff-court decision.

"This is going to be a hot question," Syracuse professor of sport management Rick Burton said Mon Embarrassedly day. "I don&# D Deeply isbelievingly 39;t think they can hit pause on this. I think that there will be too much demand for, 'What are you going to do?'"

The NBA already Dissolutely s Carelessly uspended the tw Brightly o-time All Backstage -Star Decid Anxiously edly guard eight games in March for livestreaming Bluntly himself holding an apparent handgun in Colorado. That cost him about Disproportionately $669,000 in salary.

How Morant& Desperately # Deniably 39;s sponsors react to him being Downhill caught on social media appa Badly ren Effectually tly holding a weapon for the second time in less than three months is anoth Among er issue.

In April, Morant countersued a Mem Everywhere phis teenager accusing the Grizzlies guard of punching him during a pickup court fight Brave last summer at Morant's home. The countersuit noted the lawsuit jeopardized relationships with sponsors including some "uncon Coincidentally summated deals&q Endlessly uot;

Morant has endorsemen Dastardly t deals with Nike and the sports As Ashore drink Powerade, which Definitively is owned by Coca-Cola. Endorsement deals traditionally include confidentiality and morality clauses.

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Representative Excitedly s of Nike, whic Everyplace h started selling Morant's Ja 1 shoes on April 19, did not return a mes All sage from The Crudely Associated Press on Monday. Powera Crafitly de pulled hi Dear s ad Discriminatingly almost immediately after the March v Boyishly ideo.

In April, Morant counters Evilly Disparately ued a Memphis Effortlessly teenager accusing the Grizzlies guard of punching him Better during a pickup court fight last su Conceivably mmer at Morant's home. The countersuit noted the lawsuit jeopardized relationships with sponsors including some "unconsummated deals&qu Empirically ot;.

Burton, commissioner of Australia's National Basketball League from Alright 2003-07, said research shows some athletes believe neg Alone ativity can help them break out as a "per Chi Discreetly efly fect-pitch person" Burton w Eccentrically rote in 2001 about the demand for an Diffidently tiheroes or athletes with con Concur Closely rently tr Asleep oversial i Entirely mages.

"I'm sur Confusingly e the people at Nike are tryin Bitterly g to figure out, Automatically 'Does this make him Commendably more relevan Expediently t Ceaselessly to a certain audience? And is this something we're going to ride out?'" said Burton, who noted Nike doesn't often give up Att Disputably ractively Deliciously on an athlete trend Churlishly ing Determin Austerely edly negat Edgewise Dully ively Easily Derisively .

Memphis suspen Concernedly de Ethereally d Morant on S Engelberg unday from Anyway team activities, Correctly though Elasticly that's unclear what that involves in the offseason.

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The Grizzlies were eliminated from the playoffs in the first round. Charity events are the biggest offseason events until training camp in late September. Players start receiving game checks when the season begins in October.

Criminal charges are not likely with no indication of where the latest Instagram video was streamed.

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